Water Pipe Repair in London

All burst water mains undertaken and water pipe repair

Plumbers 4 U offers a complete water pipe repair service at competitive prices. We offer everything from water leak detection, burst pipe repairs or water main renewal as well as lead water pipe replacement. Our team of professionals specialise in all aspects of burst water mains and water pipe repair and offer flexibility and professionalism at a price that’s right.

Broken pipes and water leaks can be problematic and costly for homeowners. Household customers have a duty to maintain all the plumbing and external pipework within the vicinity to their home. Whether it’s a burst water pipe or the pipes need to be repaired or replaced, our plumbers are fully trained and qualified to take care of it all. We use the latest technology for water pipe repair, to mend a burst water supply and for water leak detection.

If you have an underground water leak, we will locate and fix the water mains supply regardless of what type of surface you have. We can carry out fixtures on blocked or concrete paved surfaces, tarmac, gravel or soil. Leaking pipes are usually easy to detect even if they’re inside a wall or ceiling since the water pressure within the pipe is so high that the water will spray out with considerable force.

One of the first things you should do when faced with a leaking pipe is shut off the water supply. The best way to do so that it won’t disturb the water supply to the rest of the household is to turn the nearest valve off to the problem area. Most systems have some type of valve in place that can be closed without shutting off the water supply to the rest of the house.

If you want to prevent further leaks resulting in more costly plumbing repairs, replacing the pipes is a cost-effective and efficient option. If you have old lead pipes, don’t wait for them to be damaged before replacing them. Lead pipes are hazardous and toxic so the sooner you get rid of them the better.

If you are faced with a burst water main or a pipe that needs repairing urgently, give us a call. One of our plumbers will be at your place within 30 minutes to help with your emergency and solve the problem.

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plumber london team with vanPlumbers4U provide outstanding emergency plumbing services across London and all nearby areas. You can expect a fast & efficient service from us every time – guaranteed! Our flexible approach, competitive plumbing prices and lightning 30-minute response rate makes for a winning combination, every time.

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Do you charge the same rates for any plumbing services?

Yes, we offer the same labour rate for plumbing and heating services between working hours 8am-5pm.

Any emergency work after hours will be higher rates.

If I got an emergency plumbing issue, do you provide an emergency after hour plumbing service?

Yes, we do offer an emergency plumbing and heating service after hours. The only issue after hours that if any parts needed, we will have to supply it the following morning but most issues we can fix at the first visit even after hours.

If I got just a small leak and its small non-emergency plumbing work would you take small job?

Yes, we provide service for any type of job big or small. We prefer to fix the problem when its small before it become big and costly job.

Are all of your engineers licensed and insured?

Yes, each one of our team members is licensed and insured. Also, we provide 6 months guarantee on all our workmanship for a peace of mind.

Do you provide commercial work?

Yes, we do have a team for commercial plumbing and heating work with all the right qualifications.

Do you provide onsite gas safety inspections or CP12?

Yes, we will come to the property to carry out a boiler yearly inspection. We can arrange to return on an annual basis to ensure your mandatory landlords inspections are conducted as per the LGSI mandatory requirements.

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