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Plumbers4U offers a complete water pipe repair service at competitive prices. We offer everything from water leak detection to burst pipe repairs and water pipe renewal as well as lead water pipe replacement.

Apart from the hassle caused by the water leak itself, broken pipes and water leaks can be costly for homeowners because of water damage to their property.

Householders have to maintain all the plumbing in their home and the external pipework on their property supplying their home. The water mains and the communication pipe to the property boundary is usually the responsibility of the water company.

Water Leak Detection

We use the latest technology and our considerable experience to detect any water leak you may have whether it is in your home, supply feed or waste outlet. We can find and repair leaks to water pipes in your ceiling or walls. Underground leaks are no problem for us no matter what the type of surface makeup.

Water Pipe Repair And Replacement

Our team of professionals specialises in all aspects of water pipe repair at a sensible price. Our plumbers are fully trained and qualified to take care of leaks quickly and efficiently. If you want to prevent further leaks resulting in more plumbing repairs, replacing the old pipes is a cost-effective and efficient option. Don’t wait for old lead pipes to be damaged before doing something about it. Lead pipes are hazardous and toxic so are best replaced.

Useful Information

It is always good to familiarise yourself with your water system so that you know where the stopcock is because this controls the water coming into your home from the mains. You should also know about any other valves which isolate parts of your water system.

What To Do If You Have A Water Leak

If you notice a leak, the first thing to do is to ensure that the water isn’t going to touch any electric wires or appliances. If so, turn off your electricity supply at the fuse box. Then turn off your stopcock or, if there is a valve which isolates the leaky part of the system, use that instead. Then open the tap and drain the water that is remaining in the pipe.

Temporary Repair To A Leaky Pipe

You can try to trace the leak yourself, because if it is something simple like a loose connection joint you can probably solve the problem. However, if you find that the leak is due to something more serious such as a cracked or broken pipe, you will need to call a professional plumber such as Plumbers4U.

In the case of an emergency, you could try to patch the leaky pipe yourself as a temporary measure using pipe repair tape or one of the pipe repair kits on the market.

Temporary fixes are just that, and shouldn’t be left for too long before you call a qualified plumber to provide a permanent solution.

If you have a burst water pipe or pipe that needs replacing urgently, give us a call. One of our plumbers will be with you within 30 minutes to help with your emergency and solve the problem.

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Plumbers4U provide outstanding emergency plumbing services across London and for all nearby areas. You can expect a fast & efficient service from us every time – guaranteed! Our flexible approach, competitive plumbing prices and lightning 30-minute response rate makes for a winning combination, every time.

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We do it all Popular Questions

Yes, each one of our team members is licensed and insured. We also provide a 6-month guarantee on all our workmanship for peace of mind.

Yes, we provide service for any type of job big or small. We prefer to fix the problem when its small before it become big and costly job.

Yes, we offer the same labour rate for plumbing and heating services between standard work hours (8 am – 5 pm). Any emergency work after work hours will be at a higher rate.

Yes, our team has plumbing and heating qualifications for commercial premises.

Yes, we will visit the property to carry out a yearly boiler inspection. We can arrange annual visits to ensure your mandatory landlord inspections are conducted as per the LGSI mandatory requirements.

Yes, we do offer an emergency plumbing and heating service after hours. However, any parts required after hours will need to be supplied the following morning, but most issues we can fix on the first visit.

At Plumbers4U, we value all our customers and our licensed emergency plumbers in London work around your busy schedule to ensure that you get the quality repairs and installations that you need.
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