Spring Cleaning Time for a Boiler Repair in London

Now that spring is here and we will soon be on our way to summer it is time to think about some spring cleaning and getting your central heating and boilers looked at by a plumber in North London. This is the ideal time for routine maintenance checks or the installation of a new central heating system as you won’t have to worry about your home getting cold during the process.

Nobody wants to deal with a heating system that does not turn on or has an unforeseen problem once fall and winter rolls around again so if you noticed your central heating acting up towards the end of the season, now is the time for boiler repair in London.

Routine Maintenance for Your Boiler

Boiler units and central heating systems do require maintenance like anything that involves wiring and mechanics. So, what routine maintenance should you have a plumber perform during the next few months?

There are quite a few things that need to be checked by a gas safety certified heating professional. First off, all surfaces, gaskets, and valves must be inspected for leaks or debris which could be causing clogs. Secondly, all system and safety valves should be tested to ensure that they are reading temperature and levels correctly. Thirdly, the condensate receiver may require cleaning along with the rest of the boiler and its components. Lastly, depending on the model, summer mode should be turned on.  So, be sure to ask about these when you call your plumbing service for your annual inspection. A couple of pieces of information that will make this process efficient, so that your boiler system can be maintained quickly, is knowing the make, model, and year of your boiler when you book your appointment. That way your plumber will know if there are any product-specific checks that will need to be made, especially if it is an older system.

Most plumbing companies will offer 24 hour boiler repair, but you do not want to need this service in those cold winter months. So, avoid having to make that midwinter-midnight call when your house or business has become an icebox and make sure you get a plumber to come out at your convenience for boiler repair in London.

Installation of a New Central Heating System

If your system is old and prone to breakdowns at inopportune times you may feel that it is time to invest in a new central heating system. While this can be costly, it may be necessary and in the long run more cost-effective than a system that consistently experiences problems. A heating specialist will be able to discuss your options, the merits of certain systems, and the one best designed to suit your needs be it for a large office, flat, or a house. Once you have selected a system then a heating specialist can remove your existing system and install the new one, run diagnostics, and ensure that everything is up and running at an optimal level. Keep in mind the spring and summer months are the best time for this, as it can be installed without the worry and nuisance of an emergency installation during the cold months.

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