Sink Unblocker – Natural ways to unclog the bathroom sink

The daily grind of everyday bathroom use means that from time to time our sinks get clogged up. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly as well as cost-effective way to get those drains clog-free without using harsh chemicals, here are a few tried and tested methods:


Something as simple as a plunger can do the trick, no harsh chemicals in sight!  Give the plunger a clean, then get plunging. Sometimes a plunger is all it takes and can be the most effective sink unblocker, but if not it’s onto the next plan of action.

Plain boiling water

You can’t get simpler than this, but sometimes some boiling water is all you need. Boil up some water and pour down your drains in two to three stages, leaving several seconds in between before you pour the next lot.  It’s always worth a try and sometimes it’s all you need.

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are two well-known ingredients for cleaning effectively minus the harsh chemicals. Although they’re not usually recommended to be used together, clearing your drains is one exception. The chemical reaction caused by the two together is what is needed to give those drains a good clear out. First, start with pouring some boiling water down the drain, followed by half a cup of baking soda.  Leave the baking soda to sit a few minutes to loosen up all that hair, dirt and grime that’s causing the blockage in the first place. Next, pour onto the baking soda one cup of vinegar and watch it bubble and sizzle up and work its magic. It’s worth to do this about once a month to prevent further blockages and keep your drains blockage free. You know the saying prevention is better than cure!

The coat hanger method

Another simple method is just to take a coat hanger, straighten it out as best as you can; bending the end to create a small hook. Now it’s time to start fishing! Push the coat hanger down the plug hole and see what you can catch. You should find all sorts of nasty stuff at the end of the hanger, hair being the most common culprit.  Once you’ve fished out as much as you can, pour some boiling hot water just to give your blocked sink one last clear out.

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