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central heating radiatorAre your radiators cold at the bottom? Is your central heating system making irritating and worrying knocking noises? Has one of your radiators just stopped working? Just contact Plumbers4U’s 24-hour emergency plumbers and request a power flush from one of our expert engineers.

Power flushing, otherwise known as jet flushing or hard flushing, sees an engineer fit a high-flow, high-pressure pumping unit to your central heating system. Using water and chemicals, sludge, rust, limescale and any other kinds of debris present in your system will be flushed out, preventing any further damage. We also recommend a power flush if you are replacing your boiler within an existing system, as contaminants in piping can quickly damage your new boiler.

How do you know if your central heating system needs power flushing?
  • Your radiators are cold at the bottom but warm at the top.
  • You notice loud knocking, banging or kettling noises coming from your system.
  • The water is off-colour when you bleed your radiator.
  • A replacement boiler is connected to your old heating system.
  • One of your radiators has stopped working.
  • You have little or no hot water due to blocked pipes.
  • Your boiler keeps cutting out.

What are the benefits of a power flush? Removing all of that unwanted debris makes your central heating system or radiator more efficient. This leads to a warmer home and lower utility costs, as well as prolonging the life of your heating appliances. Additionally, you’ll have a more peaceful home without those strange noises!

Best of all, we are a full-service heating and plumbing company, so if you have noticed any other problems with your heating system, we can have a look at those as well. There’s no reason to put up with faulty, inefficient, or noisy heating appliances when professional help is just a phone call away.

If you notice anything like this in your home, you need to take advantage of Plumbers 4 U’s power flushing central heating services. Just call 020 3582 0420 at any time, day or night, to arrange a home visit from one of our power flush experts.


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