The winter weather can be beautiful throughout the London area, but the harsh temperatures are a menace to plumbing networks and appliances. Preparing for the winter cold is the best way to make sure you do not find yourself in need of emergency assistance for a plumbing disaster. What better place to get preparation tips than from your local plumber? We asked a plumber in Bermondsey, one in Cricklewood, and one in Shepherd’s Bush for their best winter advice. These plumbers know what the most common mishaps are because they live it every year. When London plumbing falls to the onslaught of winter storms, these guys are here to fix the mess.

So, What Do They Say?

The first tip a plumber in Bermondsey will tell you is to make sure your pipes are insulated correctly as freezing temperatures are the key cause of winter leaks. When those pipe burst, there is no telling how much damage can be caused and how long it will take to fix so it is always best to beat the problem before it becomes one. If you are unsure how to check your pipes for insulation or install the insulation itself then call a plumber in Bermondsey and they will assist you in every step. You do not want to spend unnecessary amounts of money either by buying up enough insulation to cover the North Pole. The polar bears would not be very happy!

Our plumber in Cricklewood would like to tell you to make sure your boiler is up to snuff. A faulty boiler can lead to more frozen pipes, and not to mention, cold showers. Boilers should be prepared for the winter just as much as you should be, and it is important to adjust the settings to take the harsh temperatures into account.

Keep it Clean from Inside the Home

Outside of winterizing your plumbing pipes and appliances, another good thing to do is make sure your sinks and drains are clear of debris that could cause clogs. Our plumber in Shepherd’s Bush says. “When it comes to winter preparation, a free-flowing pipe is crucial which means taking extra precaution when putting things down the drains. Make sure when everyone comes together for the holidays you are not putting extra grease and food down the kitchen sink. It might not be a problem right then and there but once that grease settles it will create a nasty blockage.”

Winter preparation is key and these tips from a plumber in Bermondsey and others in the London area are just little things to make sure you do not face added stress and issues during the winter months. If you feel like you need more assistance preparing, then do not hesitate to call your local plumber as that is what they are here for. They will know best what you can do and how to be ready so your winter is clog and worry-free.

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