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Pinpoint report Foul water planned job


Allservices4U attended site on behalf of First Response Group for PinPoint estate to carry out planned works on the foul drain line of nearly 400m of lines running through the road, there are 2 foul lines 200m each. 

We started by scoping the area to locate all gully’s and manholes flowing through the estate only, we lifted the first cover to find the manhole full of sand and cement, the 2nd manhole full of thick scale and the 3rd manhole full of effluent. 

As we walked further down the line where the foul lines connect to the main line in the main road, we lifted another 3 manhole covers to only find the same issues. 

The foul lines have never been cleaned to find building materials in one manhole and also not been descaled and the scales, debris is the reason why it is holding up the effluent in the main lines which is now a blockage technically but it is still running once enough water has backed up it will overflow the blockages currently, this is a risk to the site due to the amount of effluent and surface water that will flow through the lines. 

When on site we discussed best course of action moving forwards which will involve 

  1. CCTV
    1. Visibly check condition on drain lines 
    2. Check for other drain lines connected
    3. Build a map of drain lines (unless a diagram can be shared from OM)
  2. A full Descale urgently needed 
  3. Flushed and clean to main line in main road (may have to contact water board)

We discussed length of time to complete works which was around 3 weeks but have decided that a week at a time would better suit the requirements to complete in stages along with this the works could be less then this depending on certain scenarios such as how stubborn the scale is etc. meaning more or less time needed. 

2” deep of building materials which has never been cleaned 

very dense scale which needs cleaning 

 Blockage of effluent in main line 

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