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How to unblock a toilet – 5 DIY tips for toilet unblocker

Blocked toilets are a stinky, smelly business and one of those things we could all do without. If you find yourself struggling to flush, before reaching out to call the plumber, try a few of these DIY tips and save those hard-earned pennies for something else. Hold your nose and here goes:

The good old plunger

First and foremost it’s worth giving the plunger a try. Simple yet effective. Just place the plunger into the toilet and push down to produce a vacuum over the hole. Sharply pull up again and whatever is clogging your toilet should come up. Repeat as many times as necessary until whatever is blocking the toilet is dislodged and any blockage is cleared.

Hot water

Another simple method to clear a blocked toilet is to carefully pour very hot water (not boiling) into the toilet bowl from a height with a little dishwashing detergent. The hot water and detergent should help dissolve whatever is clogging up the toilet and the gravity should help push the water more rapidly through the pipes than regular flushing will, helping to clear any debris.

Coat hanger method

Straighten out a wire coat hanger then wrap an old rag around the end of it. You can use duct tape to secure it in place. The rag will help protect the porcelain in your toilet from scratches. Wearing protective gloves and clothing place the wire into the drain and push and twist it in a circular motion to clear the obstruction. This method will only work if whatever is causing the blockage is within reach of the hanger. If it is not and you can get access to a plumbing snake, this would be more effective for those harder to reach blockages.

Natural toilet unblocker

A combination of half a gallon of hot water, one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar can be very effective as a natural toilet unblocker. The chemical reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar create a chemical process that is great at helping to dissolve clogs. You’ll need at least half a gallon of water in order for it to sufficiently push through the clog. Also, it should be hot rather than boiling since boiling water can crack the porcelain. Leave the mixture overnight and it should have cleared the blockage. If however, you still cannot flush you may have something hard obstructing the toilet in which the coat hanger or snake method would be more effective.

Chemical drain cleaner

If all else fails, this should be the last resort, since the chemical ingredients are toxic to both people and pets as well as being very damaging to the environment and can cause corrosion to your pipes. Make sure you use a drain cleaner that is specifically designed for toilets, since the other types could damage your toilet. If you think that you may have something hard causing the obstruction, then the coat hanger method or a plumbing snake would prove more effective. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully pouring the specified amount into the toilet. Do not use a plunger after; doing so can result in chemical burns should the product come into contact with your skin. Keep the bathroom well ventilated and toilet lid closed to avoid breathing in the toxic fumes.

How to unblock a toilet – it’s not that hard. But If you still have a question about toilet unblocker or you want a professional help, please contact Plumbers 4 U – the best Plumbers in London.

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