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People in London rely heavily on their heating equipment, and for good reason too. The London air can be quite brisk throughout the year and nothing is worse than when you go to turn on the heating system and it doesn’t work. If this happens, looking to find a plumber in London might not be the conventional approach, but it could turn out to be the most beneficial one.

As per United Kingdom law, any plumbing technician that works on heating equipment must be gas safe certified. This is very important for the annual gas safety checks that the landlords are responsible for performing to ensure the gas line and equipment is up to date and in good working order. Searching to find a plumber in London to handle such checks instead of a generic gas-safe engineer can have its benefits. A plumber can perform additional services for you (on the same call) and provide advice to ensure your property is in great condition and your tenants won’t experience any surprise plumbing issues.

One of the many problems associated with cold weather is frozen pipes that can burst and cause loads of damage which costs large amounts of money to correct. A plumber who is servicing and inspecting your heating equipment before the winter months can probably also look at your pipes to ensure they are properly insulated. It might cost slightly more to have this extra work done, but this way you are dealing with one person who is certified in several skillsets instead of having to make multiple appointments and deal with more headache.

Another benefit when you find a plumber in London to perform your gas safety checks is their knowledge of the area and common problems other people might be facing. A generic gas safety engineer might come from over an hour drive away, having the basic understanding of gas equipment. But a local plumber in east London, or a plumber in south west London, for example, will know exactly what to look for during their inspection based on the specific problems residences in that area have been experiencing. It’s likely that most of the homes in your area were built around the same time using similar materials, and a local plumber will be familiar with this information.

Building a relationship with a plumbing technician can only be beneficial. People do not realize just how much repair can be avoided when the proper checks and regular maintenance are conducted by an experienced professional. Heating and plumbing are two of the most important necessities of a household and if there is a person certified to conduct work on both systems then that is the person you should befriend. All the helpful hints and tidbits of information they can share are not for their benefit, but for yours, for your tenants to feel as safe and comfortable on your property as they possibly can.

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