‘Find A Plumber Near Me’ for Gas Safety Certificate and Other Landlord Needs

As a landlord you have a lot of different components that you have to consider when renting out flats and houses. Everything needs to be up to code and meet all of the legal requirements of whatever type of rental unit it is. But one thing that requires constant maintenance is plumbing. A good flat will have a bathroom and boiler system that is serviced annually, replaced when needed, and a professional gas-safety certified plumber who is on-call for any emergencies. This seems like an awful lot to ask of one person or a team of plumbers but that is what they are there to do: help you when the need arises. You can Google ‘find a plumber near me’ and lots of different names and companies will pop-up but there are a few things you will want to look for when selecting a plumber you can count on.

What Services to Look for When You Search ‘Find a plumber near me’

Every plumber will offer your basic run of the mill service. They all say that they can fix those leaky faucets, or run routine maintenance on your boilers but there are certain services that set the ‘good’ apart from the ‘great.’ To make sure you are getting the most inclusive set of services possible, you should look for a plumbing service that offers a program geared specifically towards landlords. This automatically means that they are aware of all of the specific requirements that landlords need to meet when it comes to providing rental units that are up to code. In addition, a specific landlord plan will not require an upfront cost like the retainer for a lawyer but instead a rather modest monthly payment that means you have a professional plumber on call whenever you need one. Peace of mind is a hard thing to come by, but finding a plumber you know will be there when you need them is just one more thing you can check off of your list. You may find yourself asking why you should tempt fate by keeping a plumbing service on your speed dial, but it is inevitable that you or your renters will one day need them. Something always needs fixing.

So what exactly does a service geared towards landlords look like?

The Services Provided by Plans Geared Towards Landlords

Above all else, a plumber should be able to provide you with a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) as this is what you will need to submit each year to prove that your boilers have been serviced by a gas-safety certified plumber. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Boilers do need to be serviced on an annual basis but there are other things in rental units that also need regular checks. Radiators should be checked once a year, usually in the late spring or summer to ensure that they are in working order for the cold fall and winter months. Tenants do not like to come home to a cold flat in the winter and have to figure out who to call to come and get their heat on in the dead of night. This is where another important service enters the plumbing picture.

On-Call Emergency Plumbers

If you have chosen a service that is geared towards landlords then you will be able to establish a working relationship with your plumber or plumbing team of choice. Find a plumber near your rental properties, such as an emergency plumber in Harrow. This means that if you have an emergency in one of your rentals you will not need to scramble to find a plumber who is willing to come out and deal with a burst pipe, stalled boiler, or even a clogged kitchen sink. Your plumber will be on-call on an as-needed basis. A professional plumbing service understands that emergencies happen at any time and on any day. Emergencies don’t care about it being 4:00 in the morning or Christmas Day, they wait for no one. Professional plumbing service will be available for all emergencies and offer a response time of about 30 minutes. This means that a plumber will be dispatched to help your renters within 30 minutes of your or their call if you have provided them with the number. But emergencies are not the only thing that plumbers can help with.

Boiler Installation and Repairs

Sometimes flats are so old that they require some updating. If you are renting out flats that have utilities included such as an Airbnb you will not want to have to worry about covering a huge heat bill in the winter months. Find a plumber offering boiler repair in Harrow (or your town) and have them check whether your boiler needs repair or replacement. One of the best ways to combat rising energy costs is to install boilers that work to reduce the amount of electricity or ones that use a central heating system. With so many new boiler systems hitting the market each year your plumber will be able to look at the size of the property, the pre-existing boiler system, and then suggest what new boiler system could work to reduce the energy costs and also the carbon footprint of your tenants and by default you. Tenants also like to make sure that they are living in flats and houses that don’t have outdated technologies and an old boiler system that constantly has to be fixed will not be a selling feature.

Basic Plumbing Maintenance

Just as you would give a flat a fresh coat of paint after the previous renters vacate it you should consider having a plumber come in and do a series of checks to make sure all faucets, drains, and appliances are in working order. Your past tenants may have neglected to mention that the bathtub does not drain but when your new tenants find themselves standing in ankle deep water as they try to shower you will definitely hear about it then. To avoid any potential situations that can leave new renters unhappy and you having to call in your plumber after they’ve already moved in, you should consider having a plumber visit beforehand. They can come the day or weekend before your new renters begin to unload all of their boxes, furniture, and odds and ends. Your plumber will immediately be able to tell if anything needs fixing and get the job done before your renters come. This will save you and your renters any feelings of disgruntlement over having to get things that should already be fixed in working order.

Time for a Remodel?

There comes a time in every old bathroom’s life where it is time to say goodbye to the retro linoleum of bygone years (oh, the choices we made in the 80s…) and hello to the modern chic of Japanese toilets and stylized faucets by Kohler. If you have been thinking about ways in which to raise the value of your rental units then a bathroom update may be just the ticket. A plumber who knows your bathroom, your budget, and what other clients have found useful in their rental properties would be able to assist you with this entire process. Together and along with the plumber’s design team, you can see what toilets, sinks, showers, or bathtubs would best fit into the space in your units. It may also be possible to refit more than one unit if they are all on the same floor. A massive overhaul is sometimes needed to be competitive with upscale renting communities. Nowadays, renters want convenience and modernity. This means bathrooms that scream luxury, stand-up showers with dual showerheads, standalone bathtubs, and the kind of toilets that have buttons for everything are what some tenants want to see. But these updates also do not need to be fancy. If you just want a standard bathroom with some new fixtures or a new tub your on-call plumber can do this as well. They can find solutions to fit any budget or specifications.

Is a Landlord Plan Right for You?

If you are still on the fence about joining a plumbing plan specifically for your needs as a landlord then consider a cost break down of trying to ‘find a plumber near me’ and not knowing who you are calling. You may feel some trepidation because you have never used this plumbing service before and whether or not there are some hidden costs you are unaware of. Building a relationship with a company and a service you trust means that you know what you are getting as soon as you dial their number. The service will be speedy, cost-efficient, and your plumber will be able to work directly with your insurance company for any big fixes covered by them. Put your mind at rest, prepare for your new renters, and consider remodelling any bathrooms that could do with an update.

Your plumbing service of choice is here to help you with any pesky issues and routine maintenance that needs doing!

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