London winters can be great, but they also pose a lot of problems for homeowners and renters. During the winter months, people tend to see more plumbing problems than they do throughout the rest of the year because the harsh temperatures do not mix well with plumbing networks. As a result of the low temperatures, frozen pipes are far too common. They are some of the worst plumbing accidents that can occur, and they require the fastest response time and most diligent work to fix. Local 24-hour plumbers in London, such as an emergency plumber in Harrow, are there if you need them to make sure a pipe burst does the least amount of damage to you or your home.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

The term “burst pipes” is a little misleading as the it sounds like the burst is due to high pressure behind the water which causes the pipe itself to rupture under the stress. Burst pipes are actually caused when water in the pipe begins to freeze. This normally occurs during times of non-use such as overnight when water is not constantly flowing through the pipe. The water inside the pipe will freeze which causes it to expand. The expansion then exploits weak points in the pipe itself or around the connections to other pipes by cracking and breaking them. When the water begins to thaw and flow again, you now have a constant leak in the pipe.

These incidents require immediate attention to stop the leak and replace the damaged pipe or connection. An emergency plumber in Harrow is the best bet to make sure the pipe gets fixed swiftly. If not, you could suffer huge water bill amounts and damaged goods in your home or neighbour’s home depending on the location of the burst pipe. The last thing you want to have to deal with is not only replacing the pipe, but replacing anything lost to excess water damage as well.

A Little Extra Help

By calling an emergency plumber in Harrow, not only will your burst pipe issue be resolved, you may even be able to take preventive action so your pipes do not face the same problem in the future. Weatherizing pipes for cold winter months is a common practice and doing it right can save you the hassle of needing an emergency plumber later. If you call a plumber before the winter really sets in, they will direct you to the best way to prepare your home and appliances. They can even give your home a check-up to see if anything needs replacing that could potentially create a bigger problem. Better to do a small fix now that is not so bad than do a huge remodel because of a problem that was let go. No matter where you are in the London area, there is a plumber in N4 to a plumber in Dulwich and everywhere in between. They’re all just a phone call away.

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