It is inevitable that everyone experiences some kind of emergency that requires a plumber. No sink can remain unclogged forever, or a drain not end up with something potentially strange in it. There will come a time in any person’s life where they see a flooding bathroom or kitchen and have the quickly dawning realization that now is the time they wish they had a plumber on speed dial. Finding a professional plumber who you can trust is also very important when it comes to an emergency because you want to know that your chosen plumber will not overcharge you or recommend expensive products you do not actually need. Normally, you would have time to Google “find a plumber near me” and do a bit of research on the plumber and their company, unless it is an emergency that requires an immediate response.

You can check out a plumber’s ratings online from past customers, see what products they carry and if they are going to charge you an arm and a leg if you need them in an emergency. But when something out of the blue happens at 3:00 in the morning, you do not have the luxury of being able to research a plethora of plumbers. Instead, you have to make the snap decision to find 24 hour plumbers in London who can come out to your house or place of business within minutes of your call, before there is a lot of damage to your property.

24 Hour Plumbers in London Won’t Blink an Eye

If you find yourself embarrassed about what may be causing your emergency, such as a severely clogged toilet or some DIY plumbing that has gone awry, don’t be. Emergency plumbers have seen it all. Some of the things that they have seen on the job and during training have made them totally immune to finding your current situation humorous. They are there to help you and ensure that your plumbing issue is taken care of as quickly as possible. Just lay out all of the facts when the plumber asks for them so they can determine just what needs to be done and what tools and equipment they will need to accomplish the job. Nobody enjoys having a plumbing emergency and having to make that early morning or weekend call to plumbers in Kingston Upon Thames, but if you want your problem fixed ASAP then it has to be done. Don’t let a little embarrassment about your “weird” problem stop you from getting the best professional help.

To illustrate just what some plumbers have had to deal with on the job here are three comedic examples and how the emergency plumbers can quickly respond to them.

A Toy Down the Toilet

Small children are incredibly inquisitive and have access to a large quantity of toys of various sizes. Sometimes Barbie and action figures like to take a little swim when a parent turns away for a quick second. Can you think of something in a bathroom that an imaginative mind might see as both a pool and a jacuzzi in one? If you guessed the toilet, then you are correct. Many a time, plumbers have been called to a house because a child has decided to dip their toys in the toilet bowl and then flush it so that they can go for a ride. Not all toilets are created equal and most cannot withstand a plastic doll’s trip into its pipes. It may seem like you can easily reach down inside the opening at the base of the toilet bowl and pry the toy out but this can do some real damage to the connecting pipes if you are not careful. A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to toys stuck in toilets is if it does not float to the top or dislodge on its own then it is time to call 24 hour plumbers in London to come and get the job done.

What Can Go Wrong?

The reason you need a plumber to come and remove the toy that has been flushed is that the sharp plastic edges could wedge themselves in the pipes. If it is pulled it could effectively cause a hole or burst pipe by accident. This would lead to flooding and a much more expensive fix then just having the plumber remove the toy. Always be mindful that the inner workings of a toilet have a lot of different tubes and components and that if one is damaged the others could be too. It is always better to be on the safe side, than to risk more damage. Once your plumber has unclogged the toilet and possibly returned the toy it may be a good idea to keep the bathroom door shut in the future to avoid any more mishaps!

Pouring Something You Shouldn’t Down the Drain

Everyone has been a victim of pouring something that in retrospect, should not have gone down the drain. One of the biggest culprits is bacon grease. After cooking up a big skillet of deliciously fried bacon all you want to do is serve it up and eat it. But the liquified fat that has come off the bacon during cooking needs to be poured somewhere. In a hurry, you may think that pouring the grease down the sink is a good idea. After all, liquids go down the drain. Bacon fat is unique though, if you have ever let it sit in a pan for a couple of hours and cool down then you have seen it congeal into a thick white jelly. So imagine what happens to bacon fat when you pour it down the drain and forget to run hot water at the same time to wash it through the pipes. If you guessed that it forms a big ole bacon plug deep in your pipes then you would be correct. After eating your bacon, now you want to wash everything off but the sink won’t drain which can be really annoying.

Time to Call a Plumber

There are a couple of solutions you may think to try like pouring a drain cleaner down the drain to clear out the bacon fat. But what you really need to do is call a plumber in to unclog the drain. Harsh chemical drain cleaners can clear out the pipes but they may actually damage the inside of your drains. If they are full of chemicals, the coating on the inside of your pipes can corrode with time and if they are made of an older plastic then they could contribute to them eventually leaking. A plumber will ensure that your drain is unclogged in a gentle manner so that nothing else is disrupted in the plumbing in your kitchen.

Honey, I Lost My Ring

The final example of a plumbing emergency that is REALLY important is when someone drops something precious down the sink by accident. The best example being a cherished wedding or engagement ring. That sinking feeling as you the see the ring swirl to the bottom of the sink and then clunk down the drain is terrible. You find yourself frozen in place and not sure what to do before you leap into action and try and ram your fingers into the drain seeing if you can touch it. Do not turn any water on at this time and make sure nobody else in your apartment, business, or house does as the water can flush the ring further into the pipe system.

How a Plumber Will Get Your Ring Back

Immediately call 24 hour plumbers in London to ensure that your ring is retrieved and not lost somewhere in the sewer system. A plumber can open up the pipes under your sink and quickly ascertain if the ring is there, more often than not it is! But if it is not right in the pipes directly under the sink they can pull out their handy CCTV drain survey tool. This small camera system can be placed in your pipes and threaded through to capture in real time exactly what is going on in your pipes. The plumber can examine all of the pipes in the vicinity of your sink to check out any places that ring might be hiding and retrieve it. This tool also works for drains that are not unclogging. Your plumber may decide to employ the survey tool to see what is causing a blockage and then decide on the best course of action for unblocking it.

Always Call a Professional

Plumbing emergencies can be expensive but having to replace pipes and plumbing systems is even more costly. Save yourself some worry and time and just call a plumber when you find yourself in a spot of trouble. A professional plumber will be able to properly accomplish in minutes what you may have gleaned from a YouTube tutorial, where it could take you hours or days and result in a job not well done. With hundreds of plumbers to choose from, do your research so that when the time does come you have one that you already know and trust. That way you are not scrambling to find just anyone!

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